Advance Data Science - Course Curriculum

  1. What is Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science
  2. Why is it era of Artificial Intelligence
  3. Business intelligence v/s Data Science
  4. Introduction to Python programming language
  5. Introduction to Machine learning
  1. Statistics
  2. Probability
  3. Linear Algebra
  4. Calculus
  1. Basics
  2. Control Flow and Iterations
  3. In-built Data Structures
  4. Functions
  5. Exception handling
  6. File handling
  7. Classes in Python
  8. Numpy
  9. Matplotlib
  10. Pandas
  1. Introduction
  2. Types of data and extraction
  3. Raw & Processed data
  4. ED Analysis
  5. Types of Machine learning :-
    1. Supervised
      1. Regression
      2. Classification
    2. Unsupervised
      1. Clustering
    3. Linear Regression
    4. Cost Function and Optimization(Gradient Descent)
    5. Logistic Regression
    6. KNN
    7. Decision Trees
    8. Model Selection
      1. Over Fitting & Under Fitting
      2. Regularization: Ridge and Lasso
      3. Feature Engineering
      4. Cross Validation
      5. Normalization & Standardization
      6. Hyper Parameter Tuning
      7. Accuracy Metrics ( Confusion matrix, F1 score, ..)
    9. Support Vector Machine (SVM)
    10. Gradient Boosting
    11. Extreme Gradient Boosting & XG boost
  1. Introduction
  2. Artificial Neural Networks
  3. Introduction to KERAS
  4. MNIST Dataset
  5. Convolution Neural Networks(CNN)
  6. Introduction to Tensorflow & Pytorch
  7. RNN (Recurrent Neural Networks) and LSTMs
  1. OpenCV
  2. Convolution Operation and Feature Extraction
  3. Pooling and types of pooling
  4. Feature Visualization and CNN layers
  5. CNN architecture (AlexNet, Inception, ResNet, LeNet)
  6. YOLO Object Detection
  7. Image captioning using CNN & RNN
  8. Motion
  9. Robot Localization
  10. State Transformation
  11. Vehicle Motion
  12. Autoencoders
  13. GAN (Generative Adversarial Network)
  14. Project – Custom Object Detection model


Smart doorbell camera

Face recognition model for both still images and video streams is built using python, OpenCV and deep learning model. This model helps to detect the facial pattern and to identify that person based on the model trained. This can be deployed on Jetson board to build a smart doorbell camera system.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition model is used to recognize the speech and convert it to desired form. The speech is recognized and is converted to digital form which can be used as input to build a model. Speech to speech, speech to text models are developed using CNN algorithm, python as tool. The applications of speech recognition are Apple Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google translator, etc.

Object Detection

Object detection is an emerging technology where instances of various objects are detected, to build this model, computer vision and image processing concepts are used. Object detection is proving to be revolutionary in the development of Self driving cars. The picture classification can also be done using this model.










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