Introducing Data Science Certification Program At Netzwerk Academy

At Netzwerk academy for Data Science, our view and perspective towards certification is not how an institution is qualified or eligible to give it, we believe in the process that a student has to go through to get certified.

“Tougher the process, the more credible becomes the certificate”.

Following is the process to get a certificate at Netzwerk Academy for Data Science.

  1. Presentations- 52 and above with mandatory. ( per week 5 mandatory)
  2. Daily Assignment
  3. Attendace 90% and above
  4. Major test – 2
  5. Mock interviews- 1
  6. Conversion of code from one programming language to another, while building the algorithms.
  7. Real time project- 1

All the question papers for minor exams are prepared by engineers of IIT in specified field. All question papers for Major exams will be prepared by a person who has pursued MS in Data science and another person working as Data scientist in a MNC currently.

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