Netzwerk Academy focuses on building a person from within. With our expert trainers and mentors we aim for the best for the student. In the age of digitalization when even the tiniest of the work is better done with automation, we provide the proper tools to those who deserve. With a team of great data scientists and psychoanalysts, Netzwerk Academy proudly stand amidst other training institutes.

Offline workshop

Netzwerk Academy is the one and only online training Academy which provides the real-time hands-on experience on premise GPU’s and cloud platforms. With partnership of BrainGrid we provide a chance for every student at Netzwerk Academy to work on the projects at our Artificial Intelligence Labs especially designed for Data scientists to work and build their own projects from scratch with data creation, model building, testing and implementing the end to end project.

Placement assistance:

  1. Outbound interviews: A dedicated team of delivery will be working on with referring you to different companies on different employment portals. Student has to apply for the job posts given in the talent pool portal.  This team will provide you with several job applications link and portal updates
  2. Association with employment portals: We have association with several employment portals to access their paid services for our students. The Data analysis with python and Python Development course students will be provided this service at no extra cost. Student can opt any one of the employment portals best to their knowledge.
  3. Campus placement: This service is exclusive only for Advance Data science course where students who perform really well will be picked in offline workshop itself. Remaining students will get interviews from our Partnered companies.

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