Placed students

Vinay Kalmodkar

Placed at Curl Analytics
Package: 6.5 LPA

Thank you Netzwerk Academy! and Special thanks to Akash Kulkarni! This course was really well structured and hats off to all the mentors, the way they taught, made me feel Data science easy. Right from Mathematical part by Abhishek Taneja Sir to Python, Machine Learning and Deep Learning by Prashant Kulkarni Sir each and every concept were made clear. That gave me solid foundation in Data Science. It ticks all the boxes right from training, clearing doubts, quality projects, resume building and finally placement assistance by Rohith. Practical hands-on Gpu is an added advantage. Finaly I could not thank enough for Akash Kulkarni and Prashant Kulkarni for the guidance and mentorship they gave me throughout the course. I would highly recommend this course to everyone who wishes to learn Data Science.

Apurva Choudhary

Placed at Qualitas Technologies Pvt Ltd Package : 6.06 LPA

My journey with Netzwerk is totally amazing. The course structure is well planned and equally well executed. Be it Mathematics, Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning or NLP they have very good mentors for everything, explanation of concepts is good. Practical execution is a
core part of the course which is need of the hour. I got my placement through Netzwerk and
I’m very happy with the placement assistance they have provide. Akash sir has looked personally into my placement. Akash Kulkarni sir and Prashanth Kulkarni sir are very helping and always available to guide. Rohith Sir for Hr is also very good and shares a lot of helpful information. My Mentors Abhishek sir for mathematics , Nagaraj Murthy sir for DL, also
Python and ML mentor, I’m thankful to each one of you for the valuable guidance. At last I
would want to add that everything is available at Netzwerk, it all depends on us about how we want to pursue.

Sakthi Chidhambaram N

Machine learning intern
HT Media Labs,

As an automobile engineer took some time to understand Intuition behind coding. Mentors guided me in the correct path to become a data scientist. I am doing good now and Happy that I got into two companies as intern(Hindustan times and Rohit is keen on getting student’s in top companies.

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