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Learn Anywhere

Expert Teachers

Expert Teachers

Our Courses

Data Analysis​ with Python

1. Complete 3 months training.
2. Every day 1.5 hrs classes.
3. 100% placement assistance services
4. Work on Cloud platform projects.

Advance Data Science

1. Complete 4 and a half month training.
2. Every day 1.5 hrs classes.
3. Inclusion of practical at our AI labs.
4. 100% placement assistance services
5. Work on Real time Industry projects.

Python Development Course

1. Python complete course 2.5 Months.
2. Every day 1.5 hrs classes.
3. 100% placement assistance services
4. Projects building

Salient Features


We at Netzwerk Academy follow “Explain me Like I’m 5 System”, we are so clear with our explanations that even a 5 year old kid will understand the concepts, because of the ease in understanding even the slow learners are benefited with the ELI5 system.


Teachers at our institution are respected professionals, highly trained and passionate. They are versatile, intellectual and interact with youth, and are ready to share the complete abundance of knowledge that they possess.


Netzwerk Academy is the first and only Institute to provide the practical hands on experience to its students in AI labs and workshop. Companies always look for profiles having practical experience in Data science and artificial intelligence on the premise GPU and cloud GPU’S. Our well equipped labs provide this facilities with campus placement assistance in workshop


We offer our students a certification program,which has few milestones to be completed. After completion of these milestones and successfully obtaining of the certificate we guarantee our students 100 percent placements.
Regardless of certification we provide 100 percent placement assistance at no extra cost.


“Ideas are Easy, Implementation is Hard.”

July, 2018 was when I started my dream Company – NETZWERK ACADEMY.

I got this idea when I saw many talented students, despite working hard could not fetch a job.

Data is becoming new raw material for businesses. This concept, and my passion to teach successfully led me to start the company.

We provide specialized training in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence and Python development. After completion of the course with the help of our placement assistance, we help you to fetch a good job with a higher pay grade. We introduced the Data Science course online to make it more efficient and cost-effective for students. The courses are handcrafted by me and my team after studying the market and its requirements. It gives abundance knowledge about the topics with practical implementation.